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Airport Fence

Type A chain link fence system

Chain link fabric



Post: 48mm,60mm,75mm
Post distance: within 3.0m
Height: 2.0m-3.6m
Post can be made from concrete, wood, galvanized steel or polyester powder coated steel.

Extension arm

Single or double

Razor barbed wire

450mm / 600 coil diameter

Barbed wire



Single swing gate/ double swing gate

Fence parts

Brace band, tension band, tension bar, clamps, gate hinge, post caps  etc.


Mounting wire

Application: prison, power station, nuclear power plants, security area, airport, road, storehouse etc.
Type B welded wire mesh fence system
High-quality low-carbon steel wire, pipe, razor barbed wire, accessories
Airport security fence Specification:
1. Diameter: 4.0-5.5mm
2. Mesh hole: 50x100mm
3. Y line post: 60x60mm
4. Height: 2.0m-3.0m
5. Center distance between post: 2.5m-2m with razor wire on the top

Military place, airport, prison
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